This project began as a 'what if' experiment to imagine if software could measure conversational tone in real time.

It uses Watson Speech to Text and Watson Tone Analyzer.

The objective of the project is to sample and visualize the emotion in an ongoing conversation

Clicking on the record button should open your computers microphone. If you speak aloud, your words will be written on the green rectangle (grille) area of the app.

After a minute or so of continual spoken words, the tone analyzer should be able to feed back emotional strengh and a line graph will plot in the area at the top of the app.

Alternatively, you can press the play button, and listen to a prerecorded message ( Watson Text to Speech )

There are also controls to toggle between the different measurement approaches Watson Tone Analyzer offers.

You can read more about the app in this Measuring Emotion Blog Post

This site was hand crafted with css/html - mostly plain css flex layouts ...

Images were all drawn in illustrator and the design was inspired by Braun technology from the 1960s.

Used Pantone colors of spring 2016 as a palette

This project is built and runs happily on IBM Bluemix using a Node JS runtime

It was designed and developed by Anton McConville and Jake Peyser

We're pleased to share our repo with an Apache licence

All of the artwork and sketches are original art for this site